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Precise TV & VidAngel: using our creative framework to increase awareness

The Issue: 

VidAngel looked to Precise TV to drive awareness and demand from an audience they weren't effectively being reached through other mediums. The brand resonates most with Christian audiences and families with teens in the household. This was who we need to capture.

The Solution:

Precise TV effectively targeted Christian audiences and families through exclusive video-level contextual targeting and the Precise TV Consumer Panel to identify relevant content.

The creatives used for this campaign were instrumental for its success. Key features of the Precise TV framework include: 

  • Starting with a bang - by having a talking dog explain about the offering and
  • Keeping it simple - by highlighting the key features of VidAngel with a voice over and text

The Outcome:

  • +111.76% relative lift in awareness 
    • 9.86% awareness among control group (did not see ads)
    • 20.88% awareness after Precise TV ad exposure

“We wanted to work with Precise TV to drive awareness and expand our acquisition funnel. Their team and technology helped us find new audiences that resonated with our creative and achieve impressive results.”

- Thomas Nehren

Vice President of Marketing, VidAngel.


Relative lift in awareness