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Precise TV & PMI: converting views to sales with an impactful end-card

PMI Among US YouTube Ad Screenshot

The Issue: 

The original ‘Among US’ campaign was performing incredibly well with creatives supplied to us by PMI, with incredibly high view and click metrics but unfortunately these were not converting into product sales.  The original creative was too short to have an impact and did not have a clear enough end-card with product shots and retailer details. 

The Solution:

After changing up the creative to ensure it was fast-paced from the start and the end-card had a prominent retailer name, logo, clear pricings and images of the packaged toys so buyers know what to look for in-store, we saw the below results.

The Outcome:

  • Longer watch time of 12.2 seconds compared to 8.9 seconds with the original creative
  • Relative lift in awareness of 25.3%
  • Average VTR of 59.16%

“We are incredibly grateful for the creative guidance Precise TV offered us whilst running the Among Us Campaign. Taking their tips on board significantly increased sales of the product. We would highly recommend going to Precise TV when wanting to implement YouTube ads that convert”

-Omer Dekel 

Chief Commercial Officer, PMI Ltd. 



Average VTR


Relative lLift in Awareness