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Precise TV & Elvie: reducing CPV by 50% vs an in house campaign

Elvie is on a mission to improve women's lives through smarter technology and turned to Precise TV to help drive awareness, consideration and ultimately sales of their innovative femtech products. 

The Brief:

Run two campaigns on mobile, desktop and CTV on YouTube across two markets targeting new and expectant mothers.

Campaign one,‘Like a Cow’ had to drive awareness, whilst the second, ‘Catch and Curve’, had to drive consideration and conversion.

The Solution:

  • Supervised machine learning to predict the video ad performance for Elvie across millions of potential video placements on YouTube based on social media signals via an API and 5 years of historical campaign data on its platform.

  • Used a device-centric approach to optimisation, prioritising traffic from viewers who were viewing YouTube content via Mobile Devices, as Mobile devices present a discrete and personal medium for research around breastfeeding and childcare, as well as a practical and compact tool for new mothers.

The Outcome:

  • VTR lift of +154.2% vs in house campaign

  • CPV reduced by 50% vs in house campaign

  • ROAS of 3.24x

  • Boosted Elvie’s search popularity +44.7%


VTR Lift


CPV Reduction