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Precise TV & Decathlon: reaching an 11x ROAS

The Brief:

To drive awareness and sales of a new '2 second pop-up tent' product, for people aged between 25 and 34, with Festival Revival YouTube ad campaigns. 

The Solution:

Based on previous experience with Decathlon, we knew the best approach for this campaign would be to use a 2-pronged attack.

  • Target placements utilizing our platform to find brand safe and relevant placements for 3 main segments: 
    • Festival content
    • Camping content 
    • Festival music
  • Utilize Google's custom intent targeting combined with Precise insights and Decathlon provided search terms

The Outcome:

The ads had a 21% ad recall rate and of this audience 30.4% had an intention to purchase. This meant we had achieved: 

  • +24.88% ad recall lift 

  • +11.86% above benchmark purchase intent 

  • 11.35x ROAS

  • Overall VTR of 52.45% (higher than the YouTube benchmark of 31%)


return on ad spend


overall view through rate


ad recall lift