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Precise TV & WowWee: increasing ROAS from 4x to 10.56x

The Brief:

WowWee launched new toys for girls aged 5-8 and wanted to drive sales through YouTube advertising.

We ran an initial test campaign ‘out of season’ in September and early October to show the true impact of Precise TV targeting.

The Solution:

  • Carried out a campaign audit of WowWee’s existing video placements that revealed 48.8% wastage from targeting the wrong demographic

  •  Used Precise TV’s unique methodology to determine video level targeting and placement

  • Connected sales data to attribution modelling across Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers

  • Turned off TV and social ads in region to provide a clean and isolated test environment

  • Switched the KPIs from CPV and VTR to Views Per Sale and Impressions Per Sale

The Outcome:

  • Sales grew from $200k to $528k using the same $50k ad budget their previous agency used

  • ROAS increased from 4x to 10.56x

  • Purchase intent delivered 108% relative uplift

  • Sales velocity increased from 0.3 to 7.1

"No one moves POS from digital advertising like Precise TV. They are a true strategic partner and their data driven approach is a first in the industry.”

Andrew Yanofsky, Head of Marketing & Operations

To learn more about the importance of  contextual targeting for this demographic, check out our Kids & the Screen report here.


increase in sales


relative uplift in purchase intent